DopeDIY is all about Doing dope shIt for Yourself and I want this to be a platform where I can support all the talented, creative women who have positively influenced my life that are currently doing dope shit for themselves by executing on their passions. At the same time, it's a platform where you guys can be dope to yourselves. 

Be Dope,  Do Dope Shit. 


Noie Jewerly

Find Your Way

And look your best. DopeDIY presents my close friend Blaize Brandon’s Noie Jewelry. Noie Jewelry uses chakra stones and design placement to specifically cleanse, balance, strengthen and heal the body’s energy. Noie Jewelry takes self care to another level as jewelry is one of the only fashion pieces we rarely need to change. It’s a constant reminder to stay positive which will circulate  positivity 3x back into your life. Noie Jewelry ability to transform self care, love and improvement to a fashion statement is truly the embodiment of DopeDIY. 


Let's Blaize with DopeDIY

Blaize is truly a beautiful soul and an extremely talented designer which is revealed in her art. Her calming energy and fashion sense spews out effortlessly. I trust her guidance in fashion and in life. Her friendship is reliable and genuine, thank you Blaize for being my medicine, for your ability to heal, your inside and outside beauty, I wouldn’t be dope with you.

Designs by Zem

Welcome to Designs by Zem

Thanks for stopping by Designs by Zem. I am so honored to add these designs on my site as I completely loved working in fashion during my times at Iconix. When I saw these handmade bathing suits they completely resonated with my personal brand, trendy, sexy and timeless.  Knowing Zem on a personal level, I knew they would only be of quality. Her attention to detail and her passion for design assures consistency.  Because I knew I had to have one for my upcoming trip to Ibiza I thought a collaboration would be authentic and fun!  


So DopeDIY

 I love Designs by Zem bathing suit because it makes me feel dope. Feeling comfortable in a bathing suit is the most empowering feeling for women, to feel sexy in your own skin while showcasing your fashion sense can have an amazing impact on a woman's confidence. And that’s what makes Designs by Zem so DopeDIY.

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